Friday, June 18

Mozart (via Dr. Dre)

I'm on a Mozart trip at the moment. Nothing wrong with that, although maybe I'm driving Anne a little crazy.

It began earlier this week. I was flicking through Sirius bemoaning the emptiness of their 100+ channels, when suddenly I hit a Classical station playing an excerpt from Così fan tutte.

On my drive home back with my iPod - a Dr Dre track came on. Despite his menacing beats he often employs a flute player.

This has always been very amusing to me. Being the flautist in a studio full of weed smoking gang-bangers.

I imagine you get a lot of this:

Flautist: "Love your Glock"
Rapper: "Love your embouchure"

So anyhow, my brain made a quick Mozart—flute connection and before you know it I was listening to the Queen of the Night soprano aria. How does that noise come out of a human? Incredible.

I started re-watching Amadeus again last night. Great movie, but I'm always distracted by Tom Hulce. Mozart was also in Parenthood with a kid named Kool?

Anyhow, here's a not so fat woman hitting the high notes.

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