Friday, June 4

Oh Dear

This story combines two of my favorite things.

Ragging on British Airways and poorly managed design projects.

BA are such fuck-ups. The union has them by the balls, Terminal 5 was an unmitigated disaster, and World Traveler is a ridiculous name for Cabin Class. World Traveler Plus is even sillier for their seats with an extra 2" of legroom.

So what should have been a nice story regarding electronic boarding passes in their internal magazine became another colossal PR disaster.

Over the years I've experienced similar disasters. Mistakenly typing an 's' instead of a 'w' on the first word of white wall units meant an expensive re-print.

And a client was irate to receive a scatter proof of soup images to see we had named one of the photos "Bowl of Shit".

And I once produced a Powerpoint presentation for the well-known Scandinavian car maker Vulva.

But I never mistakenly inserted the name of a terrorist mastermind on an airline boarding pass. Well done BA.

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One of the best so far...