Wednesday, June 9


Firstly, Pizzazz is an awesome yet sadly impossible Scrabble word.

But it's also a confusing word to read. Break it down — pizza + zz which tends to be a snoring/sleeping euphemism.

Pizza that sends you to sleep? I wish. We had pizza tonight and I know I'll sleep for shit. I feel like I ate a 1lb bag of salt.

When we buy pizza we usually order from the local guy, but tonight we tried Domino's and their much vaunted new sauce recipe.

To be honest I thought it was Papa John's who were the Pro-Lifers, but a quick snoop around the internet tonight revealed I was wrong. It's the founder of Domino's who contributes. Sorry! And sorry to Papa John's for slandering them for years!

Anyhoo. What I found entertainingly natty tonight was that upon ordering on-line you get a 'real-time' update of how your pizza is doing.

It's disturbing/bullshit/misleading/poor business practice that the same guy, preps, cooks, checks, cuts and delivers your pizza ... in our case the quick working but geographically challenged Mohammed.

It's hack lazy ... but I'll do it anyway ... it would have been quicker to go to Mohammed for our pizza. I saw the crazy bastard in his beat up Toyota whiz past our house twice before he finally saw me waving like a frantic starving loon.

But I do like the Domino Tracker. I'm not a great multi-tasker, and I tend to find the time between ordering and receiving food as dead time, when I don't really want to commit to doing much more than reading some Google News. At least this way I get a snazzy graphic to keep me in the loop on the ETA of my salty, cheesy disc of gooey goodness.

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