Sunday, June 20

Stomach, Back and Must

Add ache. I have all 3 of them. Not so worried about the third one, it goes with the beard.

There is something amazingly shitty about having both a back, and in essence, front ache. It means you cannot sleep. No matter what position I am in, it hurts.

On Friday into Saturday I grabbed a few hours sleep, so last night I prepared to go to bed at around 8pm. With a couple of Ibuprofen and half a Benadryl to push me into a deep sleep I was looking forward to 10 solid hours.

Instead I woke at 1.30 in pain, and spent the next few hours switching between sitting, standing and laying. I tried heat patches, tablets, fizzy water and even got close to yakking, but finally at about 6am I fell asleep for 2 hours. I'm guessing out of pure exhaustion.

Right now I feel better. The heat pads are working the back, and Anne just got back from grocery shopping and bought some Pepto-Bismol.

Here's the rap on the Pepto-Bismol. If you're a pink thick liquid and your label graphics look like a kids product you should taste like bubble gum or candy.

Instead it tastes like a Victorian hospital.

Yuk. But at least there's no yak.

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