Friday, July 16

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

A picture tells a story, and looking at this group shot of the new season of Project Runway there's the Usual Suspects.

Androgynous Asian, No chance of winning older Mom, Jason Mraz hat guy, Wacky gay, Former model, Overly urban woman, Guy who shows too much chest hair, Hippy chick.

I'm also guessing there's someone from the flyover states who wants to move to NYC.

The only two stereotypes we seem to be missing are modern day Bettie Page, and chubby guy in media-wanker glasses.

A quick check of their bios, and they all love John Galliano of course.

I may actually be done with this show. Last season we ended up watching the first 5 minutes and then sped thru' to the runway/judging. I've had an assful of watching sociopaths not get along in a house/studio.

Add kitchen to that list too, because I'm tempted to do the same thing on Top Chef. It's much more fun watching the judges react, while Anne swoons over the silver haired fox that is Eric Ripert.

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