Monday, July 26


A wonderful scenario played out at work the other day.

With the Beach Boys tight harmonies playing on our server I reminisced about the UK kids TV show Jim'll Fix it.

The shows theme tune included a Beach Boys pastiche.

When pushed to explain the show Jim'll Fix It, I finally said,

"A make-a-wish concept presented by a white haired, cigar smoking, jewelry laden paedo sat on a magic chair presenting cheap ribboned badges to unsuspecting kiddies."

There was an air of disbelief in my apparent hyperbole until I played this.

A further look at the comments section of the first clip reveals an insight of high clarity.

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Frankie Pancakes said...

So weird, I was just talking about this show the other day and how I used to watch it but realized he was kind of a big deal when I saw that there was even a wax replica of him at Madam Tussad's Museum.

That theme song still invades my mind! So thanks for the nightmares.