Saturday, July 31

So far so good

Well were still in the US, but so far so good. Chirpy taxi driver whisked us to Logan and a swift check in guy suggested we try the Admirals Lounge! I knew my sailor outfit would come in handy on this trip.

Free cookies and wi-fi should be the central tenet of all societies.

Upon boarding the woman in front of us said Matt Damon was on her flight last week. No Damon on this flight, not even an Affleck.

For First Class the food was still airline food, but I had a Sundae and I swear there was a pint of ice cream in there.

Oh, a woman brought a 53" wind chime on as her hand luggage.

And now in LA I'm enjoying their equally free goodie laden facilities. It's close to 2am Boston time and our 14 hours to Brisbane begins soon. Time for a glass of wine and a sleeping tablet ...

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