Friday, August 6


It's my birthday today. I am 40. I share a birthday with the day they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. I am also the exact same age as douche director M. Night Shyamalan.

So were off from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand.

Back in Business Class, but the check-in woman was a prize c*nt. First prize in fact. Thanks Qantas.

We managed to buy some gifts to deplete our Aussie currency, and I bought some warm clothes, because I packed for a summer holiday. I knew it was winter down here, but it is hard to remember what cold feels like during midsummer when Boston is in the 90°F range.

Tomorrow is the 2nd Aus v NZ RU international, so our flight is full of rugby types.

Entry into New Zealand was a breeze. And for dinner we ate atop the Sky Tower. They say the higher you go the worse the food, but this was a pleasant exception.

It also reminded me of the time my Mother-in-Law got stuck on the revolving part of the Stratosphere restaurant in Las Vegas. Her chair leg slipped onto the moving part of the floor, and slowly tilted her chair backwards as she was wedged into the dining table. She kept her cool, while we all tried a daring rescue.

After my wonderful birthday dinner, Anne and I went to one of New Zealand's somewhat pussy-fied casinos. All mindless slots, with skill purposely removed. They don't play craps, instead they play the wacko Chinese dice game Tai Sai.

That's why we lost $150 in 6 minutes then.

New Zealand use the English English word for elevator, namely lift. And the biggest lift supplier in NZ is Schindler.

Schindler's Lifts.

Good to see my maturity levels are yet to drop this side of 40.

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