Thursday, August 5

Shocker: Emu acts like a twat

Early to rise again, to go on our Eco tour of the Blue Mountains.

But first a sunrise walk to the harbour to see the Opera House and the Bridge. Nothing to add here. It is quite magnificent, and the sky at sunrise added to the memory.

For the Eco tour our traveling companions for the day were ... a Canadian guy who lives in New Caledonia, and his metal-brace toothed daughter and her low-down pant fake-g boyfriend. Dad kept mentioning meeting a South Pacific girl, but I think he might have been over compensating if you know what I mean (I'll post a photo later).

The other party were a Muslim family of 4 from Dubai, they were both funny, and fans of Cadbury's chocolate. So insallah to those guys.


This was awesome.

While I was taking this photo of the World's newest crime-fighting duo another koala (slowly) dived for Anne, and the staff had to grab him. The technique is to grab the arms and walk them out like a toddler taking their first steps. Exceptionally cute.

Meanwhile an emu pecked me silly as I fed the kangaroos, and later it grabbed at Anne's hair. Emus are twats. And that is fact.

We also saw blue penguins, ibis, wombats, dingoes and lots of other crazy feathered-pouched-adorable-killer animals.

But for all the exotica, we also hung out with the regular farm animals. A scene of pure bedlam as goats, sheep, turkeys and chickens all congregate.

Into the Blue Mountains, and a cable car to view the famous Three Sisters, and we rode the most vertical train ride in the world.

Johnny our guide was the bomb, he talked at ease for about 6 hours. Top fella. He's the one in the middle. You can guess who we are are, and which four were from Dubai. Mr New Caledonia? I think he was a bit of a whoopsie you know ... then again, my hair is hardly Action movie quality is it?

Dinner in a former brothel turned pub was fun, and back at the hotel our sleep was disturbed by the TV deciding to turn itself on at 2am. Spooky.

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