Tuesday, August 10

QT to FJ

I realize my NZ posts are a little angrier than my Aussie posts. I'm loving NZ, but I found the Aussie people to be much friendlier. Back on the bus and the difference between Aussie and NZ drivers is palpable. Aussies are upbeat and lack any kind of snideness. The NZ guy starts with an instruction to not buy any peanuts - as he is allergic. Miserable bastard. What am I going to do? Smear them on his face?

Today is an 8 hour ride from Queenstown to Franz Josef Glacier.

An hour in, we stop at a fruit stand. They sell dark-chocolate covered ginger. Delicious! For brunch we break for a pie and a flat white coffee, meanwhile the scenery is just splendid.

Back on the bus and still without any peanut products ... and the bus will not start.

10 minutes later and a few hits with a massive spanner, and the engine splutters to a start. Our allergic driver tells us that we will be changing coaches at the next stop in 20 minutes.

20 minutes later and there is the new bus, full of passengers. Those poor bastards have to switch buses with us and take the 4 hour trip to Queenstown on the chugging old piece of crap, while we take this slightly photoshopped Awesome bus to FJ.

Our hotel in Franz Josef costs $200 more than the population of Franz Josef. How is this sustainable?

For dinner the hotel serves a degustation menu. Eiko is our ├╝ber-attentive Japanese server. Add Thias the wackily accented receptionist and you have to ask where the hell do the staff come from? And why?

The food is so so. Again.

A walk thru Franz Josef takes about 3 minutes. They have one ATM machine. It is out of order.

We also see a black cat that naturally loves Anne.

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