Wednesday, August 11

A Second and a First

Whoo hoo!!!! Another day, another helicopter ride to the summit of a glacier!

We get bonus helicopter action because we have to pick up another couple from the next town which was an hours drive away, but is only 5 minutes in the chopper.

The glaciers are spectacular, and hard to fathom for scale until you realize the tiny spec down there is a group of hikers.

Today I chose to wear my Elvis sunglasses. The King loved glaciers. Everyone knows that.

Afterwards back on terra firma, I had an almost as equally impressive sausage roll.

Continuing the theme of 'shit not working right', the fire alarm went off in the hotel after lunch.

The ATM machine is still down too.

For the afternoon ... another first. A full body massage by a man. Well a French man anyway. It was just like a normal massage except he also massaged my stomach? This was weird. Afterwards he told me I carry my stress in my shoulders. Funny, nobody ever said that before ...

Pre-dinner, we checked on the ATM machine. Still down. The book store next door has a great selection. I picked out 4 paperbacks only to realize at checkout that they charge 'remote location' prices. Holy shit.

I also take on a statue of the extinct, but still alive in crossword puzzles, flightless bird, the Moa. It wins.

Dinner is back at the sausage roll place. The restaurant is run by a British lady, so I have the French Onion Soup.

For dessert she suggests a Lemon Posset. Posset? Sure I'll try that.

Turns out it is Lemon Curd with a cookie. When I confront her with my synopsis she seems displeased. I ask whereabouts in England she is from (Salisbury). I tell her that in Yorkshire we put this on toast, not in a saucer with a cookie.

Making friends wherever I go.

One more lap of the town. ATM still down.

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