Sunday, August 1

Wow, first class all the way baby

In No Diggity, they flew First Class from New York City to Blackstreet. We're doing the LA to Brisbane leg instead.

Reclining beds!!! There are buttons and secret compartments everywhere. Anne asked the attendant what the chiseled metal knob on the back of the pod was for. Hanging your jacket was the none sci-fi answer.

Back in coach for the flight to Alice Springs, an aborigine woman sat with headphones watching Leap Year, the tepid pile of shite Amy Adams vehicle. WTF must the indigenous woman be thinking (other than the gaping plot holes and fantastical degree to which you must suspend reality)?

Not that she wanted to but ... Anne could not watch the movie because the douchette in front of us decided to prop her pillow so high it almost hit the overhead bins.

Breakfast was good, but Sanitarium as a brand seems odd to me. So I had a bag of Clinkers instead. Add in Nobbys Nuts and this is lining up to be a double entendre fest.

Also Eminem playing loudly from the radio of the shuttle bus. I'm liking this too.

Lassiter's casino is here, so where the fuck is Bouncer the dog and Charlene (Kylie Minogue) from 1980s era Neighbours?

Our hotel in Alice was fine, so off we went to see the town on a mini tour. I know they like the Outback School of Air concept, but in these days of iChat there is really nothing interesting about home school with Skype.

Met some lizards and snakes. Nothing else to say on that, and finally stumbled into bed after the 30 hours of travel finally caught up.

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