Friday, September 3

Animal Magic

Anne called me at work last week with some earth-shattering news.

"There's a bunny rabbit in our backyard." I got home as quick as I could.

Minutes went to hours on our deck as we watched the little fella just nestle down in the middle of our lawn (which did admittedly need a mow).

Finally I said to Anne, "Go see if you can pick him up".

So failure on the petting level, but the rabbit did return to the center of our lawn.

Later as I prepared to go to bed, I had to take one last look.

Flashlight activated, I ran the beam over the yard, prison movie style. There he was, big black eye looking back at me.

Unfortunately my Colditz interrogation freaked him out, and off he hopped.

1 comment:

McPolack said...


That was my cute alarm going off. That bunny is ADORABLE. He's even meatloafing like my kitty does, which is when the critter sits in such a way that they fit perfectly in a meatloaf pan.

Anne is the Bunny Whisperer.