Friday, September 10


A second cousin to the more well known 'rapist', the arboriculturalist is someone who comes round your house, checks out your foliage, and then charges you an exorbitant price to 'give it a trim'.

We have a single tree with branches that are getting close to the roof. 3 swishes of the chainsaw and a flick of the chipper switch and you're good to go.

And then a few trees (notice I use the generic term 'tree', I have no clue what they are) at the back of our yard. The neighbor actually likes the privacy - she does not care to see my deck-based Tai Chi morning ritual. So in other words they need a little pruning.

The missus got a quote last week that came in at $900.

I was sure they saw her as some kind of Mac-using, liberal, chickee-dee Cambridge socialite with cash to burn, so I got another estimate this morning.

My guy has quoted $1,450. Maybe it's time to buy a big ladder.

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