Sunday, September 5

Double Bummer

It's human nature to try to connect yourself to a tragedy in some morbid Six-Degrees of Kevin Bacon way.

Everyone seems to have a 9/11 story, in the same way every old hippie was at Woodstock or the Isle of Wight.

So I was bummed out to see 2 New Zealand stories in the news this weekend. Christchurch was hit by an earthquake, and over at Fox Glacier, a plane crash killed 9, which is the worst crash in NZ aviation history.

So yes, I was recently in both places. It is just one of the many coincidences in life that Alanis Morissette should have sung about.

The glacier crash is the saddest. Fox Glacier and Franz Josef have created a wonderful little cottage industry flying people up into the mountains, and the tiny populations of these towns seem to understand what quality of life means.

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