Monday, September 6

Things I learned yesterday

We took a road trip out to the other side of Massachusetts yesterday.

Along the way we saw a sign for the Big E which kicks off in a few weeks time. Love that Big E!

As we drove up the I-91 past Easthampton we had the following conversation.

Anne: It's probably beautiful around here, but I cannot see from the highway.

Me: I'm sure it is. Lloyd Cole lives here without any Commotion. That's an 80s joke folks.

Our first stop was LGBT fave Northampton. What an awesome town. We did our usual slow wander around the town, and walked into the quasi-famous Faces store, where Anne had this zinger of a convo.

Cash Register Woman: How you doing today?
Anne: I'm great thanks. And you?
CRW: Oh, I'm doing super. Thanks for asking!

You see. Customer Service that makes me smile. I bought some offensive greetings cards and Anne found a shrug ... you know .. a mini cardigan.

Next we stopped at Sylvester's for some coffee and a ginormous cookie. Sylvester's is located in the former home of Sylvester Graham, inventor of the Graham Cracker. Their bathroom facilities, while limited, have the most beautiful faucets I ever saw.

Leaving Sylvester's we crossed the road illegally, and were then stalked by a cop car for a few minutes. Is jay-walking the most chicken-shit ticket a cop can hand out?

Here's a list of notable residents of Northampton. And no, they're not all gay women.

Next we took a jaunt over to Amherst. During the opening week of college, the town is full of chino-clad parents and their 'new college sweatshirt' kids. So it was fun to watch the parents' faces as a shirtless banjo-playing stoner busked with his Caucasian girlfriend, who unsuccessfully tried to play one of those Chinese Harp things.

We also saw this. I had no idea what it was, but using this new thing called the internet I now know. If you're interested. Click here.

Reminds me of the joke where the YMCA volunteers are collecting for a new swimming pool, and someone gives them a cup of water.

If you find yourself approaching Amherst from Northampton, take the Rt116 turn to get to the college. It's quicker. I appreciate this factoid is tepid at best, but the blog post is named 'Things I learned yesterday'. It's not like this is paid content is it?

Next stop Sherburne Falls. Anne had no recollection of being here only 9 years ago. Don't do drugs kids.

Sherburne Falls has (at least) 2 things going for it. A Bridge of Flowers and a river and dam combo with huge glacial stone formations. I took a picture of each!!

On our way back East we stopped at a restaurant called 'The Wagon Wheel'. Sadly they did not sell these. Instead we had a BLT and Curly Fries. Also noticed a disproportionate amount of Chinese food buffet stops along the Mohawk trail. Odd.

Back on Rt2 we kicked on some tunes and sang and laughed our way back to Cambridge.

Top day!

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