Sunday, September 26

Weekend smiles.

Anne came home with these velour tracksuit style flowers yesterday. No idea what they are, but they look and feel bizarre.

The squirrels that are running sprints on the roof. Time to hide your nuts fellas.

The groovy new white desk, credenza and book case we bought for our home office (half a point taken off because it is self-assembly)

The word credenza. Also while we are in that ball-park. The word cadenza - always a sign that you were a great musician.

Imaging our old cat Isobelle in our new house. She'd have sensory overload in this place.

Buying baby gifts in Bird by Bird in Inman Square.

The curry from Friday night that I can still taste Sunday morning.

The Iced Coffee from 1369 and the cavalcade of hipster twats wasting time in there.

People watching in Whole Foods. Funky, weird, cool, nerdy, super hot, stereotypical, straight, gay, somewhere in-between, 350lb brothers, tiny Asians, symmetrical tattoos, modern parents and their little Tarquins, mini-shorts, puffy skirts, jump suits.

People watching in Shaws. Lottery players, big latinas, skin complaints, single parents and shitty kids, crazy old broads, pasty chicks, Community College guys, Zip-car renters, sweatpants.

A full day of Fantasy Football.

This one's for my parents - they wanted to see our motorized blind in the bedroom!


Anonymous said...

Nice blind!

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