Saturday, October 9


Anne and I were once almost bumped off a flight in Amsterdam because one of us gave a touch too much attitude when the flight attendant pushed in line at security. But hey, that's Anne always angry and pushing buttons.

I'm much calmer. Obviously.

Traveling on a Saturday afternoon is very relaxing. Not many flights equals short lines at security. That didn't stop the AA bitch cutting in front of me with her 5 bags. They're all linked together so I guess that makes them 1 bag.

Ho hum, no rush but noticeably no thank you either. Well as they say in middle school French classes "quelle surprise". She had incorrect items in her bags. So the 8 bucks an hour guy who failed his xray class had to pull her bags out and rescan and therefore hold me up. During this phase the cooze walked in front of me 3 times. Each time brushing into me. Each time without a fucking grain of humility or apology.

As she whined to the TSA guy, I said "I guess you don't travel much. These rules have only been in place for 5 years"

"I'm a flight attendant", she replied.

"Wow I had no idea", I said as I looked up and down her bri-nylon blue outfit with complimenting brooch and scarf.

I'm sat in the lounge waiting to board. I've seen her twice again. I'm praying she's on my flight.

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