Sunday, October 17

The Wedding of the Year

It's a witnessed fact that last year at the previous family wedding I got blindingly drunk and became the de-facto post-party entertainment.

So this wedding I kept my alcohol intake down to just 9 beers, and 3 glasses of wine. That's positively prudish.

This time around my nephew bagged the MVP award for his drunken slow dancing shenanigans, but all in all the evening went off with awesomeness. If such a word exists. Which I guess it does because I didn't get the annoying red squiggle underneath the word.

I should probably reveal that it was my niece Mandy who was marrying her handsome beau Brandon. I don't have any photos of them, but trust me they looked great.

Instead I have this smorgasbord of drunken debauchers, from the fantastic photo booth.

Anne, her 3 brothers and President Barack Obama

Mrs Anne Taylor + 1 Guest

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