Saturday, November 13

Brussels to Leeds

Awoke to a windy and wet Brussels and headed for the train station. Just like yesterday at Heathrow I had to go through British passport control, and just like yesterday I had the following exchange.

Passport Control: Why you traveling on an American passport. Why not use your British passport?
Me: Well I have to re-enter the US on my American passport.
Passport Control: Yeah, but we recognize dual citizenship over here.
Me: I'm on a global passenger list that says I left the US. When I re-enter the US and they see I didn't 'land' anywhere aren't they going to find that suspicious?
Passport Control: Oh yeah. Never thought of that.
Me: Really? That has never come up before?
Passport Control: No. Probably best you travel on your US passport then.
Me: Thanks.

At St. Pancras I de-trained and walked over to Kings X. One Cornish pasty and a Walnut Whip later I caught a train from Platform Zero (really) up to Wakefield. And after a few hours with my mum and dad I headed up to Leeds for College Reunion II.

Seven 40-somethings had a great night reminiscing over former and present glories. Here Boff tries in vain to hide Dave's proudly displayed chest hair.

On the walk from the last bar to the hotel, Boff and I were asked twice if we would like to go to a titty bar. Once by a street-walker and the 2nd time by a guy driving a big van with 'titty bar big van' decal'd down the side.

We said no. Too old I guess.

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