Friday, November 26

Childhood Revisited

One year for Christmas I got a clock radio.

Now I realize this is better than a hoop and an orange which seems to be the go-to old timer present.

Of course it's not as good as an X-Box, iPod and Justin Bieber S&M sex doll which I think all teenagers get this year.

And while we're comparing I should give a tip of the cap to my poor sister who one year in the 1980's got a tartan dressing gown while my parents gave their favorite child (me) an Atari Gaming Console complete with Daley Thompson Decathlon.

Back to the clock radio. I loved this thing because it had a headphone jack. And most winter nights when I should have been sleeping, I would tune the radio into Radio 4 Longwave and listen to the cricket, as England toured overseas.

Wednesday night EST the latest England vs Australia Ashes cricket contest began in Brisbane. Thanks to the magic of the internet and a cool little doo-dad that makes the BBC think my computer resides in the UK I can listen to ball-by-ball coverage of the games.

Throw in a 2 day Thanksgiving holiday and I have a Wednesday to Sunday night, 5 day marathon of listening, that kicks off at 7pm each night. I listen to the first 2 sessions downstairs and then I head up to bed, put the headphones on and nervously listen to the action while Anne nods off to sleep with the feint glow of my laptop illuminating her face.

This makes me happy.

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