Wednesday, November 3

What the Hook?

No idea why I'm obsessing about this, but I've been on a mission the last few days to determine how many people have heard of 1970's country-rockers Dr. Hook.

Their quintessential song contains a fantastic double entendre - When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman ... it's hard.

One of the singers in the band wore an eye-patch and played maracas for fuck's sake. How great is that? And they recorded a song called Sexy Eyes. Eyes. Plural. Eye patch. Terrific!

A Little Bit More, Sylvia's Mother the list goes on.

Surely my parents weren't the only people listening to this stuff in the 1970s?


Anonymous said...

Well I was singing right along with Dr Hook cuz I remember! :) You are not alone--haha--Amy

Sparkleneely said...

ME! I have! And one time I was playing that game Scattegories and the challenge was "A band that starts with a D." I wrote Dr. Hook, and my best friend WROTE THE SAME THING. Random. And to think we could have scored more points with Duran Duran.

oucheba said...

2 commenters!

Perhaps creating momentum for a Dr Hook party ...

Anonymous said...

I remember! I remember!
Now 3 commenters - and I say the party sounds like a great idea!