Tuesday, November 30


The never ending tale of woe that is my wrist injury continues.

Sadly the doctor cannot prescribe pills that stop me from complaining like a whiny little bitch every day, but I'm on Vicodin now, and woo-hoo am I feeling high.

I'm back at the docs next week, so I thought it might be an idea to schedule an MRI this week.

In this photo it looks like country-singer-superstar Faith Hill is the medical assistant. My appointment is at 5.45am tomorrow morning. I think I'll be the first person in the big metal tube. And I doubt I'll have Faith to keep me company.

In other medical news, I bought one of those daily pill organizers. I take the yellow ones to remind myself to take the green ones ...

What an old bastard I've turned into.

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Anonymous said...

So? What did Faith say? Are you done?? When will you know if we need to cut your hand off?