Thursday, December 9


I popped the question to my missus on this day 15 years ago.

We'd gone to St. Paul's Cathedral and I had the notion of proposing in the famous whispering gallery.

Sadly a bunch of Jap tourists stood between me and my darling wife to be, and I had no intention of getting a bunch of "Hi"s and bows from the Harajuku Girls.

Plan B - We climbed to the outside balcony high above the city.

All set to whip the ring out and get down on one knee, except we were surrounded by nuns.

I contend they were tourist nuns ... which is even worse. They would not fuck off, instead they kept looking at the grey London skyline.

In a strange moment of atheist etiquette I felt guilty about using a church to propose. And I felt the nuns were sent by God to piss me off.

Then suddenly they buggered off. I kind of got on one knee, whipped out the ring, and with a quick "yes" from my newly created fiancé we went to The London Dungeon ... The Museum of Torture. I think they call that foreshadowing in movies ....

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