Wednesday, December 1

A Good Sign

I love our local liquor store and I love that we call it a liquor store rather than the milquetoast 'off licence' in the UK.

Sav-Mor (that's 2 spelling mistakes), sell wacky beers I've never heard of, from places you didn't think make beer. They're all stacked up in the back covered in dust, with ripped labels. To get there you wade through the domestic light beer department and the wine selection that features the value end of the market.

I'm surprised a buzzer doesn't go off so that the foul-mouthed staff know a pretentious Cambridge Euro-git is in the store not buying Coors, Miller or 2-buck chuck.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas this is their straight to the point sign.

Fucking genius.

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Frankie Pancakes said...

Seriously, THIS is the reason I am so glad they are across the street from me!