Friday, December 24

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I've lived in the US for a quarter of my life now. And a few times each year I hear people bitching that Christmas stuff is appearing in stores before Thanksgiving, or they've unveiled the tree at 30 Rock in NYC in early November.

Yada yada yada.

My recollection of England?

As soon as the 'Back to School' selection of protractors, set squares, pencil cases and spiral notebooks sold out (or became too dog eared for even Woolworths to sell) they moved in the Christmas cards, tinsel and fairy* lights ... usually during the 2nd week of September.

* Not sure if they are still called fairy lights, probably get an LGBT complaint on that one.

My point? I'm not sure, but someone needs to shut the fuck up. Probably me.

The UK does not count Halloween as a holiday. Why? Because it isn't one. I find it amusing that God-bothering bible-belters have no problem dressing their kids as whores and bumble bees to celebrate a pagan ritual, but the secular English with their 1,000 year old churches mostly skip the whole thing, and concentrate on Guy Fawkes Day where they celebrate burning Catholics.

But I do like Thanksgiving. It does provide a distraction before Christmas.

It works in the US, because for all the hoopla about little baby JC's birthday, we only get one stinking day off work.

Meanwhile back in England, the land of a 1,000 empty churches, they get 1 to 2 weeks off.

My point? I'm not sure, but someone needs to shut the fuck up. Probably me.

Actually my point is why bother with Christmas in the US when it's no different to a sick day?

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