Sunday, December 26

A Sick Day

Picking up from last time ....

My Christmas

Dec 24
A day off work. Up at 4am. 6am flight. Soup for lunch. Check in to La Quinta mid-level hotel with free Wi-Fi!! A nap while my in-laws go to church. Perogies. An hour at my Brother-in-law's house.
The last bit was the best part. My B-in-L Bud told me that life's pains go away in your late 40's. I now have something to live for.

Dec 25
2am - vomiting and diarrhea. 3am - as previous but synchronized. Rest of the day is spent in the hotel room sleeping, drinking water, eating bread. Still have free Wi-Fi.

Dec 26
Except for one hour at my in-laws house where I thought I was dying, the whole day is spent in the hotel room. Anne is an angel putting up with my groans and whines.

Dec 27
I lied. Along with Friday, I also took Monday off. Get up. Feel better. Pack suitcase. Flight is cancelled. Call rental car agencies. Snag a car. Drive from Cleveland to Boston.

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