Sunday, December 12

When you stop caring

Anne spotted this the other day, so we gave it 24 hours and went back today to see if it had been corrected.

Shouldn't someone at BK Towers be kicking some asses about this?

Hold on, I just realized that perhaps I'm the one out of touch.

OK, I've googled sadwick, and except for some kind of German Dungeons and Dragons game, sadwick is not of any cultural significance.

So back to the BK in Somerville near Target. C'mon you lazy fucksticks, there's no excuse for this.


Anonymous said...

British slang: "She gets on my wick" means in French "Elle me tape sur les nerfs"...
So, a "sadwick" is "un nerf triste"?!!

Boff said...

sandwick? That's lazy. A tight landlord near us took over an old pub and didn't want to splash out on new lettering so just rejigged the letters and came up with 'O'Learys'. Not sure what it was called before. Someone told me this story and now writing it down it does seem a little inplausable and maybe I fell for some bullshit.

oucheba said...

I feel the Scunthorpe Arms might work for that story Boff.

I'm driving by there tonight, I want to see how long they keep this up.

dq: Let me check if the sign guy at BK is a surreal Frenchman. Bonus points if he's one those fucking mimes in the stripy shirts who is stuck behind a pane of glass crying.

Frankie Pancakes said...

Oh suck, that's our 'hood BK. Damn you Somerville!