Tuesday, January 18

The Bathroom Oddity

In the restroom of the convention center (where I am working) there's a sign that appears to be saying "Shit here".

Meanwhile, the toilet paper is on the outside of the stall.

Inside the stalls ... on one side of the room ... are fancy toilets with a film seat cover that replaces itself each flush.

On the other side ... is a big old hole in the ground. "Bombs away" is the phrase that springs to mind.

I guess the shitting connoisseur will want to try both sides, or maybe the part-time shitter likes to keep it fresh by switching every other dump.

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Anonymous said...

So thats what the in-floor toilets look like! My friend works for Honda & I have heard stories from those who have gone to Japan about those...the engineers say it is weird when the japanese guys come over to their desk & "assume the position" when chatting...guess there is an interesting squat involved when using those things! Not really sure I care to find out...hahaha! -Amy