Saturday, January 22


First up, I have no idea what happened to Floor 25.

My biggest gripe of this whole trip is the elevator protocol of the Chinese.

1. When the door opens they barge in regardless of anyone exiting.

2. A retarded cousin of #1. - They do not queue, stand in line, wait their turn. It's a fucking free for all.

3. And this is the worst part for me. Every time the door opens to let someone out, they hit the 'close door' button like a clueless triple-clicking fuck hitting a computer mouse when the internet is down.

It takes less than half a second for the door to close on its own timer, but these impatient fuckers are hitting the button ... on both sides of the door ... like they're in the final of an Olympic sprint.

Also, the chime that plays is identical to the first 3 notes of Borderline by Madonna. Thanks for ruining that song Chinese Elevator Guys.

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