Tuesday, January 11

"Murdoch, I'm coming to get you."

I had a nerve test today.

Imagine that scene in Rambo where he's strapped to the electrified mattress springs. The big Russian has the red hot knife and the Vietnamese hooker is peeping through the bamboo floor.

It was JUST LIKE THAT. But without the flickering 20W lightbulb.

The Doc strapped electrodes to my hand and wrist and then cranked the machine up to 11.

After 20 minutes of making my arm dance to some spastic rhythm, he switched to needles.

He stabbed the Bejesus out of me! So much blood he had to use 2 Band Aids!

I was only there to prove I DIDN'T have a specific condition.

I've gone a whole entry without saying, "You'll only feel a small prick". Whoa. Thank you.

Here's a Rambo link.

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