Wednesday, January 19


Walking home tonight I passed a Chinese Dunkin' Donuts. Good to see the American capitalist machine trampling over this under-developed minnow of a nation.

I also bought 2 brands of coffee from the supermarket yesterday.

Coffee for Men, and Coffee for Lady. Cannot wait to try both when I get home. I don't think that makes me bi-curious, just a sucker for low-grade instant grains imitating the flavor of coffee.

This was my 4th trip to the supermarket, and I finally succumbed (shouldn't that be succame?) to buying one of those reusable plastic shopping bags.

I'm giddy at the thought of being a grand wizard of twattery back home in my local pinko-communist Whole Foods when I use my environmentally friendly Chinese bag.

I also had to go into a Starbucks to see how depressingly identical it was to the 23 branches I have within a 2 mile radius of my home.

It was.

And virtually the same menu too ... they're running a seasonal hard-shell turtle mocha, and a chicken-beak-o-chino.

Some husbands buy their wives diamonds and pearls. I purchase fruit related vac-pack products. Otherwise I'm really struggling to find a gift for Anne. Granted I could buy one of everything, but that's the point ... everything is the same in it's unusualness. Even the products are communist ....

Finally, I know this is a shit photo, but I saw this man on a bicycle with a mattress strapped to his back. Either that or it was a guerilla marketing campaign for toast.

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