Thursday, January 13

A taste of things to come?

Stereotypes have a bad rap. Just like English people have bad teeth, and the French a bad odor.

My experience of Asians is that The Police wrote a song about them. "Don't stand so close to me".

And so it came to pass as I boarded my Boston to New York flight this morning.

Because I flew to Australia last year I have Priority Boarding with some airlines.

So when the woman at the counter mumbled through the mundane shit she has to say 20 times a day I walked towards the gate. Out of nowhere ... Bam ... a shit load of Chinese people all holding out their boarding passes with a death stare.

Once on the plane, they treated it like a bus. Sitting anywhere. Chaos ensued. Tempers flared. And babies cried.

Touchdown at JFK, and from my seat in 8B I was looking forward to a quick exit.

Once again, the Chinese bitches from Rows 11 and 12 hustled past me like there was a Dim Sum sale at the Gift Shop.

Am I really going to China for 9 days?

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