Monday, January 24


Welcome home.

It was -5°F today. Man that's cold, so there's no better day to realize you have a 3/4" inch bolt and washer stuck in your tire. Or tyre. It doesn't matter how you spell it, cos' it still sucks.

I rattled into the Audi garage and left with a Toyota Camry.

5 hours later the Audi guy called. I need a new tire, but the 'technician' suggests I get 4 new ones, so that they are all equal in their tread. Luckily for me they are doing a special so I only get raped for $675. Oh, don't forget the alignment charge.

Anne tells me they then try to get you with the tire disposal charge. I'm going to ask for all 4 tires back. I'm not some kind of South African necklacing gangster, I just have a lot of space in my house to store shit I don't need.

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Anonymous said...

This is crazy! Why would you spell tire with a "y"?? That is the root of your problem...