Thursday, February 17

Another small part of me dies

I was in the Apple Store the other day. Some widget had snapped off inside Anne's iPhone and we needed a man with a jeweler's loupe and a tiny screwdriver.

Sat next to us was a hipster in media wanker glasses, a tweed jacket over a hoodie, and hair that said "I try hard to look like I don't try".

He was telling the passive-aggressive 'Genius' that his MacBook Pro was "Running Slow".

Genius: Well have you tried turning off all of these Applications?

Hipster: What do you mean?

Genius: You have almost 30 applications open

Hipster: How do you know?

Genius: See the tiny glow under the logos?

Hipster: Yeah.

Genius: That means the app is open

Hipster: Really?

Genius: Yeah

Hipster: Huh. And closing them will speed my Mac up?

Genius: Yeah

Hipster: Wow. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Me: What's a MacBook?
Richard: get lost, frog legs!

Boff said...

Rich, the trend over here at the moment for media twats is to wear 80's Geek glasses.
When I was in the apple store in manchester all the assistants talked 'dude'.