Monday, February 7

First to 100

I'm obsessed with stats. It started as a kid with sporting lists, but morphed to music.

As a teenager I visualized my music, catalogued not just alphabetically, but with all kinds of meta data.

Then database software came along ... then mp3 software like SoundJam ... until finally iTunes rolled into town and fueled my obsessive mania beyond control.

iTunes drew a line in the sand of (digital) time.

Sadly it'll never be able to recall 1991 when I put Gett Off by Prince repeatedly on a C90. So it will never know the number of times I played it non-stop during my commute to and from work in my beat up Fiat Panda.

In 2004 I switched computers and my iTunes data file became corrupt. So I had to start again on September 5, 2004.

I'm sure a bunch of you have songs that you've played a thousand times since then, but hey variety is the spice of my life, and today marked the day that I hit a 100 plays of a song.

I only added "Song for the Leftovers," by A Camp ( Nina Persson from the Cardigans) in April 2009. Which means I've played it more than once a week for 80 or so weeks. I suppose at heart I'm a melancholy soul.

Does this make this my favorite song? Not really. It maybe scrapes my top 10.

The next song in my 'plays' list is only at 80. Then again I have 22,637 songs to choose from. Each one has cover art, my specific Genre convention and a bespoke grading system so my Smart Playlists are auto-updated.

High Fidelity was good, but nothing tops Shrevie from Diner. Poor Beth.


Anne said...

How many plays has Vampire Weekend "A-Punk" gotten? I think I should listen to it a few more times.

oucheba said...

70 ... too many