Wednesday, February 23

A Little Bit of Fry

We went to a church in Harvard last night to celebrate an award for atheism.

When I say atheism, it was really humanism ... which is atheism with a PR manager.

The venerable Stephen Fry spoke for about an hour without notes in his usual avuncular style, quoting every notable luminary of The Age of Enlightenment.

He was great. Sadly there was an opening act.

Molly Lewis is an example of a growing trend of talentless fuckwits who believe their trite wit and ukelele playing deserves a larger audience. It does not. Zip it. She even came back at the end to serenade Stephen Fry in song. Fry laughed, because he is genial and has manners. I wanted to perforate my own ear drums.

Against my better judgement here is a video of her and her witty song.

The event was MC'd by a leather jacket wearing 'minister'. The phrase trendy vicar sprang to mind ... without the religious bit. Douche.

Humanism does push the creed that regardless of religion we can all work towards a greater good.

Sadly that is spoiled when a rich Harvard kid with a blazer and a Bieber haircut invites me to join them for irreverent non-religious fun and a few episodes of South Park on a Friday afternoon. Sadly kid I'm out working, just like your parents, paying taxes and earning an income so they can put your mealy ass through expensive college.

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