Saturday, February 5

Whatever old man ....

I left my hometown of Wakefield a long time ago, but I'll always be from there, proud of it, and take an interest in it.

During the past few weeks a tragic story has developed. A teenager went missing after a night out in Westgate, and a week later they found his body in the river. It's sad, and I understand the sentiment expressed by everyone.


I noticed a Facebook page was created for people to pay their respects. I clicked on, but quickly wished I hadn't. The level of writing is retarded. Not borderline retarded. Just retarded. It's Forrest Gump meets Biffa Bacon meets Terry Fuckwitt.

Look I know we all write e-mails and texts that use shorthand, and are littered with mistakes. I'm sure my editor wife could go to town on this very blog entry, but come on.

And when did this quasi-religious bullshit pervade British society? Angels, thoughts and prayers? Never forgotten? There'll be a shrine of cheap flowers there for the next few weeks, and then everyone will move on to the next problem-du-jour.

I know I sound like an old man grumbling about grammar and society, but for fuck's sake, this is embarrassing.

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