Friday, March 18

College Basketball to WWII

or 3 Degrees of March Madness.

I'm involved in my first ever NCAA March Madness bracket.

Which got me thinking about the bastardization of the word bracket.

I've trained myself to use the word parenthesis instead of the more common British bracket (such discipline ... I know).

[or should I have used these?]

Bracket was also one half of a pathetic 70s female impersonator duo Hinge & Bracket.

Now cross-dressing entertainment may or may not be your thing, but regardless of your taste, there is such a thing as quality, and Hinge & Bracket did not have it.

Drag acts have a rich Vaudeville history in the UK, and one of my less compelling childhood memories was to watch a TV show called 'The Good Old Days'.

I'd try to explain, but this clip offers a quick route to the general schtick.

Laborious moustached twat of an MC introduces Variety act to theatrical gasps and applause from middle-class Britons dressed as flappers and The Gentry.

This 'stuck in a time machine' collection of minor characters from an Agatha Christie play was on TV every fucking week.

These were not 'Good Old Days'. It was, and remains - shit.

Every week, I would pray for an Air-Raid siren to go off, and after 30 seconds of watching panic stricken pseudo-posh folk from Surbiton run around in period costume a Doodlebug would crash through the ceiling.

Now that would be an authentic reenactment of "The Good Old Days'.

And that's the end of my College Basketball blog post.

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