Sunday, March 27

99¢ Hot Sausage Biscuit

I always seem to be in a pissy mood when I'm filling my car with gas.

Maybe it's the cold weather and the fact that it still takes the same amount of time to fill a gas tank as it did in 1970 ... really, we couldn't speed this up?

Various stations use different techniques to create a positive atmosphere. The Shell garage near my work pumps (geddit?) musak on the forecourt. Like the fucking Eagles and their Tequila Sunrise is going to make the windchill go away as I hit the $50 mark.

The Hess garage I frequent, because why wouldn't you name a gas station after Hitler's Deputy, plays news stories.

But the 7-Eleven on Rt 1 is my favorite. No audio, but the digital display let's you know about all of the innuendo riddled promotions they are running for "Shit that's delicious, yet bad for you"

Fancy some Hot Sausage for less than a Buck? Holy Sausage that's Big! How about some Muffin Mania?

They are also pimping a Bananas Foster Cappuccino. There is a double entendre in there somewhere, but I cannot get past how gross the drink sounds?

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