Thursday, March 17

Census working overtime

I was making dinner tonight when the doorbell rang. Anne answered the door to find two 10 year-old girls stood on the steps.

Girls: We're doing a survey, would you answer some questions please?
Anne: Sure

Girl #1: Do you like Pizza?
Anne: Yes
Girl #2 scribbles down Anne's insightful response.

Girl #1: Do you like Chips?
Anne: Yes
Girl #2 once again takes a No. 2 pencil and fills in the answer.

Girl #1: If you had 2 kids, a girl and a boy, what would you call them?
This stumped Anne, ask her for a cat name and she'll pull an index card of choices, but kids? Anne (After a long pause): Joseph and Anne
Girl #2 finishes her quantitative and qualitative masterpiece.

And then they were gone, and I was left to wonder why I'd call my son Joseph?

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