Saturday, April 9

Alarming Behavior

Several times a year Anne travels without me. Usually she's visiting her family as she is this weekend, and sometimes her work takes her away.

Two out of every three times this happens, I manage to forget to turn off our house alarm. Just like this morning. And sorry Meat Loaf, but this IS bad.

My morning trip to the basement triggered the motion sensors activating a sequence of events that is usually shown in graphical montage form in action movies. The end result of which was Anne receiving a phone call in her parent's Las Vegas condo at 5.45am.

Conversely, when Anne is away I turn into the handy man about the house she probably wishes she had married. Without the beautiful wife-shaped distraction I draw up lists of chores, home improvements and maintenances.

I've already done 5 things of positive note this morning (6 if you include triggering the alarm, which we were worried was defective), and I'm about to set off to buy furnishings for our Guest Bedroom, and I might even swing by Home Depot to buy materials for an outdoor project I have in mind.

Warning - Man at Work!

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Sparkleneely said...

Um, it's weird, but I'm just catching up on your blog, and I heard that song on the radio about 5 minutes ago.