Sunday, April 3

Oddly Sad

I just took a walk down to the grocery store and spotted this on Cambridge Street.

This block has a real mish-mash of stores.

I think this place sells party dresses or dolls, but I'm not sure because I'm usually staring at the Portuguese religious artifacts shop next door.

Invariably when you see something like this, you cast your mind back to other times you encountered something handless.

Back as a 21 year old, I had the longest 7 hours of my life in Tijuana.

Little kids would be forever tapping you on the leg to sell you candy.

Of course the 15th time it happened was the occasion I chose to turn around and finally tell them to fuck off.

Only it was a 7 year old with no hands.

I felt terrific.

I guiltily bought some candy and escaped to a hotel lobby for 2 hours and listened to a guy play mariachi jazz fusion on a Casio keyboard.

As Gloria Estefan said. "Oye Mi Canto"

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