Sunday, May 29

Auto-exotic Aspirations

Anne's buying a new car and her logic (with assistance from her inner circle of confidantes) for discounting certain models has been a thing of vague mathematical beauty.

Too boxy, too curvy, too American, too lesbian, too Audi-doody, too big, too small, too bland, too out there, too little power, too much stuff, not enough visibility, no 4-wheel drive, too ugly.

But today I tagged along on 4 different test drives.

VW Tiguan, Acura RDX, Subaru Forester, and a Honda CRV. She's already discounted the last two, so it's a head to head between the German engineering and the feature laden Jap-mobile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Think gas... Tiguan! Why wasn't it one of the first criteria beside safety? Are you two too "American?!!"