Monday, May 9

Mousey Bitch

19 years ago I got into a little bit of trouble in Disneyland for grabbing some Minnie Mouse ass during a photo.

19 years later, on Thursday to be precise, I took my mum (with Anne and my dad in tow) to Disneyland.

We spent a few hours wandering (around), and wondering (why it cost $70 to get in), and as we were leaving down Main Street I spotted Minnie Mouse.

"Let's get our photo taken" I said to Mum. We stood in line as kids had their shots taken, and meanwhile nobody else joined the queue. As our turn approached, a Disney associate stepped up to Minnie, whispered in her ear, and off she went.

I'm sure they don't remember me from 19 years ago, but seriously, are Disney so unionized they couldn't stretch to 15 more seconds to take a photo with my mum.


* I am trying to not swear in May.

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