Monday, May 23

Past, present and future tense

Maybe this Rapture thing has traction. I'm reading this morning about Joplin, Missouri being hit by a huge tornado. I visited Joplin a few years ago on my interstate roadtrip. As I recall I made an offhand comment about the freshness of their sushi, and the huge praying hand monument donated by a man named Oral.

Added to the earthquake in NZ and I'm either becoming a lightning rod for "bummer stuff", or it's just a simple coincidence because I travel a bunch.

Moving to present day, my hometown of Wakefield, West Yorkshire has had two grand openings in the past month.

The Barbara Hepworth Museum offers world-class sculpture and other pieces of art collected by the town's curators. The Trinity Walk Sainsbury's offers shoppers bargain groceries with the promise of over-priced coffee nearby.

I spoke to both my parents and my sister yesterday. They've visited one of these new architectural delights, but let's just say it wasn't the one with "big pieces of wood with holes in it, behind a piece of glass".

So it's 9 months since my wrist pain began, and I'm beginning to have empathy for pregnant women, but without the over-bearing fog of smugness. Apparently I live in the country with the "World's Best Healthcare", so God (or Harold Camping) knows how long it would take the rest of civilization to come up with the latest prognosis of my condition.

It appears I may now have a neck injury that is causing my wrist pain. No doubt caused by the tension filled poor posture I adopt when I work, or perhaps by squeezing myself into airplanes to visit the sites of future disasters.

Either way, I'm hoping for one of those comedy neck braces, or maybe a body cast like an old-time polio sufferer.

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