Sunday, May 8


I'm never sure which is worse a sour loser or a sour winner.

I woke early this morning and found a Scrabble opponent on a Public Game.

Statistically she was way better than me, and so it proved throughout the game, as she strategically built words across the board.

We traded words every other minute and I hung on best I could, but was resigned to defeat. I did notice I had a 7 letter word to finish, but thought that there was no way I would get the chance to play it.

I didn't get a chance. Instead she left an inviting letter at the board edge, so I played an 8 letter word (Routines), with triple word, to finish 2 points in front of her.

I hit re-match, played my opener, and noticed she spent 30 minutes before she played a word. Again she left an inviting opening and I dropped a 95 point bingo.

At which point she forfeited. Maybe that's how she keeps such a high rating?

Nerdy, sour posting? Sure, but come on!

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Anonymous said...

Had a similar experience the other Saturday. Spent a back-n-forth game trying to catch up; prepping my ego for a possible loss. Only as the tiles dwindled did I close the gap and tile ahead, one-by-one. When all tiles were drawn and me in the lead by a very small margin, he/she forfeited.