Wednesday, May 4

Speaking of ...

While going around Hollywood I learned that if you are selected for a walk of fame star you must pay $25,000 for the privilege. This seems very vain to me.

Speaking of vain, the British woman with outrageously fake tits sat in the hot tub at 8am, was drinking a hot latte.

Speaking of jugs, we ate breakfast at the ultra camp 'jugs and buns'.

Speaking of poor culinary choices I had fish tacos for the first time, and always think of the idiot on Top Chef who made them on the 'Make the best dish of your life' round.

Speaking of Top Chef we went to a restaurant run by the Jamie, the finger slicing lesbian from All Stars.

Speaking of All Stars, I wish I'd brought my Chuck Taylor's, instead of the sandals I wore yesterday. I now have strips of tan on my feet. They look like tigers.

Speaking of Tiger Feet, the dreadful song from the 70's by Mud was the first record bought for me.

Think I'm done ...

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