Monday, May 23

A very specific type of sexual predator

I'm currently addicted to on-line Scrabble. There's a Public Game option where you get to play with strangers. Most people name their games something generic such as 'May 23', or 'Scrabble with Angela', or 'Facebook Game'.

But there is one guy who repeatedly starts games with variations on a theme of 'Only dominant women please'.

C'mon man, let's separate the on-line sex from the Scrabble. I feel bad enough playing words of a sexual nature with strangers, without wondering whether the other player is wearing a gimp costume, jacking off into a petri dish while a tropical bird flutters around the bag he has auto-erotically taped around his neck.

By the way, I didn't dream that up myself, it is based on the work of British Conservative MP Stephen Milligan. Good to see those guys running the country again.

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