Friday, June 10

Catch Up!

We've been inundated with crazy storms the past week. The night that Springfield got the tornado we had a 2 hour thunderstorm with lightning that lit up the sky every 5 seconds. We turned off all the lights, pulled the shades except for one small window at the top of the house, and watched as the clich├ęd horror movie style bursts of yellow light blinked in and out.

Last night at work the sky went dark, and the wind got up. Half expected to see Dorothy and her pervy uncles flying around.

In other news Anne got herself a VW, making us an all-German car family. Those Germans have done well for themselves haven't they? She has a touch-screen audio system. I'm quite envious.

My latest forearm diagnosis is that I've busted my neck, so I've had 2 sessions of neck cracking from 'Joe, the neck cracker'. His nom de plume (italicised for pretentiousness) is unfair, because yesterday, without warning, he also cracked my whole back. 0.25 seconds afterwards I screamed "Shit", which didn't go down well in the open plan PT office.

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